What is a safe distance from high voltage power lines?

Often, high voltage power lines near a property are the trigger for RF testing. How close is too close when it comes to high voltage power lines? This is a great question, because ‘distance’ is the key.

The rule of thumb is 200 metres, or about 700 feet… but it’s always worth testing as there are are a few factors which matter when it comes to magnetic fields from overhead power lines.

  • The amount of power flowing through the power lines

  • Some high transmission power lines keep the hot/neutral lines closer together which results in lower magnetic fields

Further, the magnetic field from the power lines will fluctuate as more or less power is being consumed and flowing through the wires. Peak usage times will result in higher fields while off-peak usage should result in lower fields. Ideally, these fields are lowest during the night, and RF exposure is lowest while everyone is asleep.

How long after the RF inspection will the results be available?

As is often the case, timing can be critical with a new home purchase.
Results from RF testing are available immediately during the inspection.

Do I/we need to be present for the RF inspection?

Ideally, yes… but not essential. Regarding the timing of the RF testing, it is not uncommon to include the condition of a home inspection as part of an offer to purchase. Often, we can coordinate the RF testing at the same time as a traditional home inspection.

Will a traditional inspection of the homes electrical system uncover potential RF issues?

If you are considering purchasing a home, you will almost certainly want to have a traditional home inspection performed. Such an inspection ensures the mechanical soundness and the safety of you and your family. Unfortunately, traditional home inspections do not consider RFs.

Home inspectors, of the traditional type, may test electrical wiring as it applies to electrical code and functionality – however a traditional home inspection will not test for wiring and grounding issues that can result in RF hotspots inside the home.

Do you need access to the inside of the home?

In order to provide a thorough inspection of the home, inside and out – access to the home is ideal. However, if the main concern is an external RF source (such as nearby power lines), this can be assessed fairly accurately outside and around the home without access to the home itself.

How long will a pre-purchase RF inspection take?

Typically, the onsite RF inspection requires 1 to 2 hours onsite depending on the size of the home and the findings.